About Us

About Us

More With Us - Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Our mission is to help people resolve their personal problems and conflicts with friends and family members through affordable, compassionate, common sense, and discreet mediation based on Good Samaritan ideals.

  • We know that all people experience misunderstandings and conflicts with their loved ones.
  • We know that formal mediation is very expensive, cumbersome, and out of touch.
  • We believe that help should be inexpensive and very affordable for everybody.


  • We believe that anyone can benefit from the compassion, experiences, and common sense endowments of a fellow human being.
  • We believe that anyone can be a mediator and help a fellow human being resolve conflicts and regain happiness.
  • We believe that we all can be that discreet Good Samaritan who is going to make a positive impact on the life of a fellow human being.


Our Mediation Model

More With Us - Conflict Resolution & Mediation is a platform where people can find a person to discreetly mediate conflicts between them and their family members or friends. Our mediation model is based on the idea of the Good Samaritan.

Why Sould We Seek Mediation?

We all find ourselves in situations of significant disagreements with family members (parents, children, spouses, siblings, significant others, etc.) and friends. In many cases, these are conflicts that cannot be resolved through courts and formal processes. If left unresolved, such conflicts can become more serious leading to separation, emotional stress, and estrangement. In many cases, it is possible to avoid such bitter consequences by simply having someone discreetly mediate between us and our family members or friends. Such mediation can take the form of simply listening, providing common sense suggestions, providing encouraging words, and providing a line of communication. This kind of mediation can help reduce tensions, transform the conflict into a better relationship, and potentially resolve the conflict. While there are professional mediators and counselors, those services are often too expensive, too formal, out of touch, and inaccessible to many people.

Can I be a Mediator and Help Someone?

The good thing is that most of us have backgrounds, personalities, and experiences that resonate with the challenges other people face. Many of us have the ability to serve as mediators by simply listening, encouraging, suggesting, and maintaining communications. Most of us do this all times as parents resolving conflicts among our children, friends helping other friends, religious leaders helping other people, or simply bystanders helping cool down an argument or a fight. Our mediation model recognizes the Good Samaritan in all of us, and believes in our ability to help other people make peace and regain their happiness.

Where Can I Find a Mediator?

More With Us—Conflict Resolution & Mediation provides a place where any person can serve as a mediator. It is also a place where anyone can find a mediator under terms and conditions that work for them. Our mediation platform connects a person seeking to resolve a conflict through mediation with a person willing to mediate in the conflict. The mediation can be conducted discreetly through personal communication between the mediator and the people seeking to resolve their conflict. These people can communicate through their own preferred means such as phone, text messages, emails, or social media (Viber, Whatsapp, facebook, etc.). There is no contract and all the prices are affordable. Mediators can choose to provide their service for free or charge a small weekly fee.

More With Us, Inc.

More With Us, Inc. is a human relations and technology company. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use and very affordable technologies for individuals and small businesses to connect with others and meet specific needs under their own terms. We provide a range of products to meet specific needs of individuals and small businesses (e.g. conflict mediation, employment/jobs).