Brandon Oliver

Profile Description

My name is Brandon Oliver and I am a junior public relations major at Howard University. Throughout my time in college, I have found that I am adept at helping people understand and resolve their issues whether they be personal, relationship oriented, academic, or business related. I am very friendly, caring, fair, and honest and I am good at reading people as well. I also have a talent for inspiring and motivating people. I hope to use these skills to help mediate conflicts between people and allow both parties to come to a common understanding of the matter. If you'd like my help, please contact me via email.



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About Me Back

Race & Ethnic Identity

  • African American

Countries I have lived in

  • United States

Language I can speak

  • English

Language I can Read

  • English

Language I can Write

  • English

Education level

  • In College

Occupation / Profession

  • Student

Institutional affiliation

  • Howard University

Personal traits

  • Attentive To Details
  • Big Picture Thinker
  • Calm
  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • Critical Thinking
  • Fair
  • Friendly
  • Good In Motivating People
  • Good listener
  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Persistent
  • Sincere
  • Trustworthy


Family Status

  • Single

Family Make up

  • I am an only child
  • I have one or more living parents

I had a difficult childhood

A little Bit

I have had a difficult relation with my family

A little Bit

I have had a difficult relation with my significant other


I have had a difficult relation with a best friend

A little Bit

I had a difficult time in elementary school

A little Bit

I had a diffficult time in middle school

A little Bit

I had a diffficult time in high school

A little Bit

I had a diffficult time in college


I had a difficult time at work


I have overcome one or more very difficult life situations


College taught me how to handle bad situations well and how to set boundaries for myself to make sure I'm not taken advantage of.


I am currently

  • Accepting Mediation Seekers

I can initiate contact with your conflicting party if you provide me
the person’s phone number and/or email:


I prefer to communicate with clients via

  • Text Message
  • Email

I am available to communicate with clients

  • Evening
  • Night

The amount of hour per week i can spend helping clients is

  • 6 - 10

Weekly fees

  • $20.00

My weekly fees are paid

  • After I Provide The Service

Terms of Payments

  • Any Payment Made To Me Is Not Refundable

I want to be paid via

  • Paypal

My weekly fees

  • Can be negotiated down

My mediation service ends whenever the client informs me to stop
the mediation and at the same time stops paying the weekly fees


Clients can terminate the service at any time and for any reason